Llanberis and Nant Peris Community Council

We regret very much that not all the information on this website is available in English at present.

Important documents, including Minutes and Policies, will be available on this page as soon as translations become available.

Notice Board

Nant Peris Cemetery
Welsh Government has introduced new regulation for recycling which are operational from the 6th of April 2024. These regulations are to in effort to become a zero-waste nation and reduce carbon emissions.

Llanberis Community Council in its effort to complement this has decided that no waste collection service will be available at the Community Cemetery at Nant Peris from the 6th of April 2024.

It is kindly requested that waste be removed from the cemetery by those who are responsible for the graves or places flowers on the graves.

Heather L Jones
Llanberis Community Council Clerk
07867 982518

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Grant Applications

Llanberis Community Council are receiving grant request for charities, groups and societies within the community up to the 31st January 2024. Return your application to the Clerk.

Grant Application Form (Adobe PDF)
Grant Application Form (MS Word)

Agendas and Minutes

The Council meetings are open for the public to take part, this can be in peron or virtually on the 2nd Wednesday of each month throughout the year except for August at 7 p.m. at Y Ganolfan Llanberis. There is an open invitation for the public to be present but let the Clerk know if you are attending in time to arrange a translator if this Service is required. Request for a link to clerc@cyngorllanberis.cymru

The next Monthly Community Council Meeting will be held on 08/05/24 at 7pm in Y Ganolfan, Llanberis.

Policies and other Documents

Standing Orders

We regret that further documentation is available in Welsh only at present. English versions will be added here in due course. Please contact the Clerk, whose contact details can be found at the bottom of all pages on this website, for further information in English.